Terms & Condition

1. That you are seeking admission in your own interest and accord.

2. That you shall be fully responsible for any accident/mishappening occurring with you/by you, /outside the institute’s premises and the institute will not be responsible in any manner.

3. That you shall be responsible for your rustication on grounds of misconduct, misuse of mobile phones, misuse of the internet, or any illegal and indecent activity.

4. In case of your selection for NDA/ CDS /TES / Engineering Entrance Exams , the institute reserves the right to use your name, photo, and other information for publicity purposes (Print & Electronic Media).

5. That you solemnly affirm that the institute has the right to send you emails (e-newsletters), SMS alerts, WhatsApp Messages (Text, Images, Video, Documents), and posts on the mentioned communication details.

6. That you have read all the instructions available Online / offline and you do agree to follow the instructions as applicable.

7. In respective to the refund, we shall not be responsible in any case until the course fee paid by the student or parent is credited into the Bank Account of the institute. If credited into our account, the refund policy will be applicable as per the institute norms.

8. The examples of success stories on this website are not expected to address or ensure that everybody will accomplish similar outcomes. The accomplishment of every individual is entirely achieved by their craving, devotion, exertion, and inspiration to work and finish the program.

9. You agree that all disputes are subject to Pune (Maharashtra) jurisdiction only.

10. Your admission is for the year-long program for the ongoing academic year only. Or for the duration of Course mentioned.

* By submitting a payment through the online /offline mode you are agreeing to these terms and conditions including any updated changes in terms and conditions from time to time through our website.

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