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YTA Family At Sudan Block

Pune's Best Institution For Defence Related Exam

Yashotej Academy (YTA) is a young Institution, established on 19 Jan 2017. Started with a batch of 7, we are now working with thousands of students. To the surprise of many in such a small duration of time YTA has acquired the rare distinction of achieving the highest success-rate in the NDA examination. That’s why YTA become students first Choice.

Consistent efforts put by our cadets and the concrete guidance of YTA Faculties ensures utmost chances of success in NDA examinations. We have developed Unique Teaching Techniques and Method to interact with the very young minds, which also inspires them to recognize and explore their own potential. Thereby preparing the Cadets not only to be Armed Forces Officers but also are able to undertake any challenge in any walks of life.

With Concrete Academics, emphasis is also given on overall development of cadets. Here at YTA  Cadets also experiences creative excitement along with the thrill of adding to his store of knowledge. Not only in defence but we are proud to mention that our students have won laurels in various Fields on account of Exemplary Performance. We feel really proud of our students who were able to make their mark in this field. We are happy that we are able to motivate People to join defence forces and serve the nation in best way possible.

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